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An hour plus featuring one of the most prolific labels in hip hop. WAY too many dope jams on this one, listen in and relive the 90's-early 2000's with us! It's Bad Boy for life!

A short, sweet episode featuring nothing but mixtape joints.

Our first show actually recorded in 2009, here is a full hours worth of the Funk Doctor Spock, Green Eyed Bandit, and the Vocabulist-otherwise known as Redman, Erick Sermon and Keith Murray. There is also quite a bit of Parrish Smith on the episode too because he was one half of a group called EPMD.

The year of two thousand and eight is over. J. Pitts and DJ Nice Rec discuss the best and worst of the year amidst a countdown of their favorite 15 songs. Oh yeah, Kevin the Robot is out of commission, so we got our friend Newk to take over in his absence. Stay tuned later this week for the J. Pitts PLUS awards.

It's our last regular episode of the year, we play some jams, talk a little, you know the drill. For those who don't know what boilo is, it's an alcoholic drink made with whiskey that's actually pretty good.

The hip hop community lost two lesser known but very talented gentlemen this past month, Jax and MC Breed. We kick things off with regular jams, then follow with memorial sets dedicated to these two.

The episode you always wanted to hear, you just don't know it yet. A full of hour from the likes of the Miller Brothers (Master P, C-Murder, and Silkk the Shocker) as well as labelmates Mystikal (of course), Mac, Soulja Slim, Mia X, and yes, the Lil' Soldiers. Listen with an open mind, and respect the tank!

We decided to put down the hip hop for a week and let our boy Ross Reilly do the work for us. Peep game and broaden your horizons with us.

Recorded on the day after Halloween, this episode has an extraordinary amount of dope jams. We also give our recap of Scribble Jam last weekend. Something we haven't done since episode one, PEEP GAME!

Madlib the Bad Kid. Yeah, you know what it is. We hit you with the more rapper-centric episode last week, this week is more instrumental oriented. You've got a beautiful souuuul!

Say what you want about the man's private life, but R. Kelly has the jams. If I had to pick one musical artist responsible for children born after the year 1993, he would be it. Peep the episode and find out why! P.S. Also, if I had to pick one musical artist responsible with having sex with children born… Ah, you know the punchline! Jerome's Note: ... No, no I do not know the punchline.

Our boy 20/20 Proof plays some jams on this episode and gets the third degree from me.

Slim Wilkins shares a story about a recent hell date of his. We play some joints including a Camu Tao in memoriam set. May he rest in peace…

Our friend Slim Wilkins is a very hilarious dude. He is in true form on this episode, accompanied by some fresh jams!

We had a barbecue for our 50th episode. DJ's Source and Maddbuddha held it down. We also upgraded to two microphones so hopefully we sound a little better. Big shout out to Big Zack for rocking the chef at the grill.

And most importantly THANK YOU for listening! =)

Running Time: 1:17:33

The first major set of this episode has a heavy jazz influence. Also, I caught a lot of flack for the Lupe Fiasco track at the end. Whatever. It was the gits and shiggles song, and it's my show.

Fuck y'all.

When we choose our Men of the Hour episodes, there are some artists that we skip over simply because they do not have enough material to fill a whole hour (yet). Continuing on our Road to Episode 50. Continuing on our Road to Episode 50 Series, we feature two artists that fit such criteria. We inadvertently kept a west coast vibe for this one. Enjoy, er… wish you a good day!

Running Time: 52:41

Our first installment of freestyles and "mixtape joints."

Wow. ... Okay Jerome stepping in here. This is all you have as a description for this episode? For those that don't know (Pitts), Kool Keith is one of the most influential, craziest, awkwardly gifted motherfuckers out - and who has been out for a long, long time. To those that know, this will be like getting some raw turkeys at a Kool Keith concert, to those that don't - prepare.

We drank bum wine and did a regular episode. The alcohol tasted horrible but the music is good. Check it out.