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Bonus episode one of two before the Tupac Man of the Hour episode. Here is the second Jerome-centric J. Pitts episode. Actually, you might call it the J. Fitz Show, shout to Lydia for coining that term!

Our boy DJ Nugget came through and spun a live version of his Love Songs mixtape. It features an hour of songs with the word “love” prominently featured. A lot of bangers in this one, check it out!

A little jazz as our present to you this Christmas. All selections provided by DJ Nice Rec.

Continuing (starting?) starting the tradition started last year, here goes 30 minutes of funk and soul courtesy DJ Nice Rec.

Continuing the tradition, nothing but instrumental tracks. Can you believe we have been around for 2+ years?

Grab a beer, sit back and relax to the funky sounds spun by DJ Nice Rec in this mix recorded on St. Patricks Day 2008.

Our good friend, and my big brother, Jon Hill drops in with Bill Morse for this bonus episode. Clocking in at over 90 minutes, this show is heavy on the talk and light on the music. Discretion is advised as this episode is definitely not politically correct.

The unofficial 3rd member of our podcast, Jerome, is in the hospital with appendicitis, so we made this "Jeromisode" of some of his favorite joints to listen to while he is laid up.

A special holiday funk and soul themed mix courtesy DJ Nice Rec. Get yourself a plate and put this on! Happy Thanksgiving

Continuing the tradition, although two weeks late, an all instrumental episode in memoriam of those who fell in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Okay, so before the podcasting, I did the college radio thing. I had a radio show for 3 1/2 years called Good Guys Radio. The format of the show was a lot different than the format of the podcast, because we used to talk a lot more than we played music, sometimes for hours on end. On this particular night, the subject somehow veered into Howard Stern territory (it was all my fault) and we almost all got kicked off the air because of it.Listen at your own risk. It's not a politically correct episode by any means. My only excuse was that I was I was 19 when recording this episode, I am now 23. If you have a problem with the content of the episode, turn it off and peep one of the many other quality episodes we have produced. Otherwise, enjoy!

The one lawyer lady in The Big Chill. The year after after the 9/11 attacks, the radio station where I was dj'ing, wpts, suggested that everyone play only instrumental tracks on 9/11 in order to atone for this unfortunate day and honor those who had fallen. I have made this a tradition ever since and this year is no different. Enjoy!