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This episode once against features selections by my man Zemba. He might hate that I am saying this especially because I say it ad naseum but he keeps it "real chill."

Eric kills it yet again with the DJ duties on this episode!

Guest DJ Eric steps in on the 1′s and 2′s for this one. Good vibes as always.

Guest DJ Eric Zemba for this episode, as anyone familiar with his previous episodes knows, it is very instrumental.

I think Zemba has done my job for me here, nothing left to say. Peep game.

We have guest DJ B-Tips (ladies didn't like Bloody Fingers) spinning the hotness for this episode. Listen in, it's one of the more eclectic mixes we've had.

Running Time: 59:34

It's a regular episode, chock full of dope jams for you to listen to. J. Pitts also gives his opinions on a slew of newly released albums as well as current events.

A regular episode, but this time Nice Rec picks the jams. This hasn't happened… ever!

Our boy DJ Nugget came through and spun a live version of his Love Songs mixtape. It features an hour of songs with the word “love” prominently featured. A lot of bangers in this one, check it out!

DJ Selecta takes us to school and plays some pre-Rawkus era jams that we haven't heard. This is going to be a recurring segment every couple of months.

Our good friend DJ Phinesse steps through the show to spin a dope dope dope Baltimore Club set. Be sure to you are in a place where you can really move when you listen to this one, because you will definitely get that urge! Check out Phinesse at

Yo, I got them nuggets!

No, I'm not the weedman, but I do have a different kind of drug for you, haha! DJ Nugget joins us at the workshop and spins the jams!

Sorry bub, we try not to post the playlists from guest dj's! Although, if you check the tags on the post, you might be able to figure it out.

Running Time: 1:09:24

Our boy 20/20 Proof plays some jams on this episode and gets the third degree from me.

We had a barbecue for our 50th episode. DJ's Source and Maddbuddha held it down. We also upgraded to two microphones so hopefully we sound a little better. Big shout out to Big Zack for rocking the chef at the grill.

And most importantly THANK YOU for listening! =)

Running Time: 1:17:33

We invited our good friend DJ Vex over to spin some dope records live for us. Listen up, as this is a change in format for the show for us. We hope you like it. We apologize about the quality of kbps for this episode. It was a fuck up on our part, we will do better in teh future.

Running Time: 1:08:03

Never say we are biased against the West. We called in our west coast/canadian hip hop expert Eric Zemba to do a special guest mix for us. We also play a couple of voicemails we received recently.

We play some jams but talk for a long while in this episode. Later in the episode reggae specialist Dan Dabber steps through to spin a special mix.

We took the show on the road for this episode. Recorded at 720 Records, the legendary DJ Selecta hits us with the tasty treats. Shout out to C6H12O6 for technical support on the episode. Be sure to check out 721's website.

Join us as we take a look at what England's finest rappers have to offer. Word to Schmeid-One for hooking up the tracks for us.