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Have you ever wanted to host a Power Hour but lacked the right mix for the occasion? Yes? Well this episode is for you!Herein lies a 60 minute mix jam-packed with 60 1-minute hop instrumentals. The vocal version contains us talking over the instrumentals as we engage in a Power Hour. Listen and hear the progression from completely sober to silly drunk . Be forewarned, the vocals are pretty low, so it may be difficult to hear some of the podcast. The instrumental version contains talking at the beginning and end of the episode, but not during the power hour itself.Enjoy!

DJ Selecta takes us to school and plays some pre-Rawkus era jams that we haven't heard. This is going to be a recurring segment every couple of months.

We had a barbecue for our 50th episode. DJ's Source and Maddbuddha held it down. We also upgraded to two microphones so hopefully we sound a little better. Big shout out to Big Zack for rocking the chef at the grill.

And most importantly THANK YOU for listening! =)

Running Time: 1:17:33

We took the show on the road for this episode. Recorded at 720 Records, the legendary DJ Selecta hits us with the tasty treats. Shout out to C6H12O6 for technical support on the episode. Be sure to check out 721's website.