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Some 90′s mixed in with some early aughts jams in our fifth installment of R&B episodes. Peep game.

The “epilogue” of our Best of the 90′s set is chock-filled with indie rock as selected by Chris Flyer. Peep game!

The fourth installment of the R&B Showcase focuses on 80's that eighties rhythm and blues. Yo this episode goes so hard!

Good friend and fellow WPTS alum Chris Flyer takes the controls for this episode, giving us a reprieve from hip hop in our fifth installment of the Anything But Rap series.

DJ Nice Rec and I keep the focus on the mid-nineties in our third installment of R&B jams. Also, Rec got ICED during this episode!

For the fourth installment of the Anything But Rap series, we are joined by guest DJ, Lydia! She plays us her favorite tunes, many of which might work as a soundtrack to a mumblecore movie (look it up).

Another year, another installment of R&B Jams.

Bonus episode one of two before the Tupac Man of the Hour episode. Here is the second Jerome-centric J. Pitts episode. Actually, you might call it the J. Fitz Show, shout to Lydia for coining that term!

We decided to put down the hip hop for a week and let our boy Ross Reilly do the work for us. Peep game and broaden your horizons with us.

If you remember the old days, you used to love these songs. If you're too young, don't take it personal, because this episode will cost you no loot. You can get up now and sit down and listen to this episode. Just kick it right here with us.

The last segment is for the super sexy.