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Taking you through the career of an actual hip-hop professor, North Carolina's own 9th Wonder.

H-O-V, he’s in his own lane. TWO plus hours dedicated to one of greatest rappers ever, period.

A full hour chock full of jams by the man whose mother named him Prince Nelson Rogers. You don’t have to be rich to peep this episode. Actually if you have access to a computer with the internet and sound, you don’t need any money at all.

Permission to be candid? Granted. We present to you over an hour and a half of MF Doom dopeness. From KMD to Operation Doomsday to Madvillain to Danger Doom, we've got it all covered here. It's a miracle how he gets so lyrical and proceeds to move the crowd like old negro spirituals.

Do not adjust your computer screen, this is a whole episode of nothing but Michael McDonald songs. Yes, an hour-plus of the man known for his blue-eyed soul. What? You thought this podcast was about nothing but that indie backpacker rap? Oh, what a fool believes. Keep an open mind and peep game!

We did a Ghostface episode before a long long time ago, but not as well. This time DJ Nice Rec is one the mix to give the Wallabie Champ his proper due. Peep game.

Dr. Dre is his name, he's ahead of the game. One full hour dedicated to one of the most successful producers and businessmen in hip hop.

El-P, he produce and he rap, too. This episode is a full hour plus with the behind Fantastic Damage, I'll Sleep When You Are Dead, Cannibal Ox's the Cold Vein, and countless other hip hop classic. Peep game.

An hour and some change dedicated to Tupac Amaru Shakur. Nice Rec gives the man his just due on this one. Come quick see…

Madlib the Bad Kid. Yeah, you know what it is. We hit you with the more rapper-centric episode last week, this week is more instrumental oriented. You've got a beautiful souuuul!

Madlib the Bad Kid. The man behind the boards of Madvililany, the Lootpacks' Soundpieces: Da Antidote, Dudley Perkins Expressions and countless others. There are very few producers in music, let alone hip hop with a more dense catalog. Oh and he raps, too. Part 1 features only songs with people spitting over them. Part 2 will be all instrumental. Look for that next week.

Say what you want about the man's private life, but R. Kelly has the jams. If I had to pick one musical artist responsible for children born after the year 1993, he would be it. Peep the episode and find out why! P.S. Also, if I had to pick one musical artist responsible with having sex with children born… Ah, you know the punchline! Jerome's Note: ... No, no I do not know the punchline.

You may not have heard the name, but this Vancouver bred MC has been putting it down for a nice while. Listen and be surprised. Shoutouts to EZ for the help.

Wow. ... Okay Jerome stepping in here. This is all you have as a description for this episode? For those that don't know (Pitts), Kool Keith is one of the most influential, craziest, awkwardly gifted motherfuckers out - and who has been out for a long, long time. To those that know, this will be like getting some raw turkeys at a Kool Keith concert, to those that don't - prepare.

Busta… what it is right now. Here is a man who has over eight solo albums to his credit, not to mention two as a member of L.O.N.S. one with the Flipmode Squad and countless guest appearances. Join us as we celebrate Busta Rhymes' long and storied career.

He has been called “the producers’ producer. J. Dilla is one of the most talented and hardest working producers in hip hop’s history. Having worked with everyone from Pharcyde to MF Doom to Janet Jackson, Dilla’s catalog is as diverse as it is quality. Join us as we celebrate James Yancey.

The episode you have all been waiting for is HERE! A full hour of the man known as DJ Premier. If you didn't go to Scribble Jam like Nice Rec and I, this should brighten your moods.

Our super secret Man of the Hour is Del the Funkee Homosapien. Join us as we spend an hour focusing on nothing but Mr. 3030 himself. What? He'll whup you!

Yo, this is episode is kinda serious. A whole hour of Cam'ron save for cameo appearances by Juelz Santana and J.R. Writer. This was a long time in the making so be sure to check it! Shoutouts to Jerome and Idris Infintada (88 Babies) for help with the mix!

A whole hour dedicated to Mr. Gap commercial himself. From his early days to when his flow was all over the place, to the experimental days of Electric Circus, join us as we salute the career of the man born Lonnie Lynn, Jr. Another episode unofficially sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon!