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Big Pun, the one who makes the kids run! I know what the title says, but we have well over an hour of music from the man whose mother named him Christopher Rios. RIP!

They are like night and day, but that's why we love this episode. One half hour dedicated to baldheaded Onyx clique, the second half hour dedicated to the blunted Pharcyde clique. Enjoy!

When we choose our Men of the Hour episodes, there are some artists that we skip over simply because they do not have enough material to fill a whole hour (yet). Continuing on our Road to Episode 50. Continuing on our Road to Episode 50 Series, we feature two artists that fit such criteria. We inadvertently kept a west coast vibe for this one. Enjoy, er… wish you a good day!

Running Time: 52:41

One of the biggest hip hop stories of 2007, the “cold war” between 50 Cent and Kanye West. We all know that Kanye won the record sales battle, but we give our opinion on which man put out the better album. Herein lies an hour of some lesser known 50 and Kanye joints.