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Our boy Stanky Johnson comes through from radio station WREC in Pittsburgh, PA with our yearly installment of all that is good in Turkey Day if you ask us. So get that extra helping off stuffing, let the synths ooze like the gravy that they are, and unbuckle yourself to get down to the futuristic sounds from the past for that ass.

Another year, another mix of that fresh jazz courtesy exiled elf Big Zack Money Bags.

Maybe the best episode we put out every year, tune into WREC for a little over an hour of them funk and soul jams!

The tradition continues into its FIFTH year (wow). Pete and I shut up except for an intro at the beginning while you, the listener, are serenaded with instrumentals.

Continuing the tradition started last year, we threw a party that started at 9am, ate some breakfast, drank a lot of beer, and invited anyone present to play a set of music of their choosing. What resulted is the most eclectic episode possible, from Missy Elliot to OFWGKTA to the theme from Family Ties… man this one was a mess! Peep game!

Our boy Big Zack takes over the helm for our third installment of the Christmas Jazz series.

Tune into WREC for our third installment of the Tur-Funk-En-Soul series! It's the sound of Pittsburgh!!

Finishing up our best of the aughts episodes, we hit you with our favorite instrumentals of the past decade. Peep game.

We celebrated both my birthday and St. Patricks Day by inviting anyone present play a few songs of their choosing. We got pretty drunk for this one!
Zemba, Big Zack, Chris Flyer, Matthew McDermott (Harangue fame), Jerome (88 Babies... Stiff Kittens... infamy) and yours truly all have their own sets that Nice Rec was nice enough to mix for the party down crew. Jerome saved actual Irish Music for last and as he usually does with his mics, cleared the entire party. Too many in attendance for this one baby, only people with sets mentioned!

Following in the tradition of last year, here is special jazz-themed episode for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Another Thanksgiving, another funk and soul set courtesy DJ Nice Rec. Sit back and enjoy the funky sounds!

Continuing the tradition, every year around 9/11 we . This one is kind of late this year, but that doesn't mean it's not dope. Enjoy!

A little jazz as our present to you this Christmas. All selections provided by DJ Nice Rec.

Continuing (starting?) starting the tradition started last year, here goes 30 minutes of funk and soul courtesy DJ Nice Rec.

Continuing the tradition, nothing but instrumental tracks. Can you believe we have been around for 2+ years?

Grab a beer, sit back and relax to the funky sounds spun by DJ Nice Rec in this mix recorded on St. Patricks Day 2008.

A special holiday funk and soul themed mix courtesy DJ Nice Rec. Get yourself a plate and put this on! Happy Thanksgiving

Continuing the tradition, although two weeks late, an all instrumental episode in memoriam of those who fell in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

This episode was recorded on St. Patricks Day. Boy were we drunk!