026 – Falling Off

The good thing about falling off is that you have to climb back up and start being responsible. That is my pledge to you, the listener. Nice Rec and I have undergone some real changes in our lives the past couple of months, but we’re back baby. This is just a regular episode featuring Nice Rec and I doing what we do best. The only difference is that we drank Coors Light instead of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Running Time: 59:23

  • Smoothe the Hustler - Broken Language (f. Trigga the Gambler)
  • ...
  • Cee-Lo - Evening News (p. DJ Premier)
  • Aesop Rock - No City
  • Pigeon John - Passion
  • K-Otix - World Reknown
  • ...
  • Kanye West - Barry Bonds (f. Lil Wayne)
  • Common - Black Maybe
  • Natural Resource - Negro League Baseball
  • Camp Lo - Black Hollywood
  • ...
  • Lily Allen - Smile (Version Revisited)