071: R.I.P. x 2

The hip hop community lost two lesser known but very talented gentlemen this past month, Jax and MC Breed. We kick things off with regular jams, then follow with memorial sets dedicated to these two.

Running Time: 1:05:07

  • Molemen - Put Your Quarters Up (f. Slug, MF Doom, Aesop Rock)
  • ...
  • Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard (f. Santogold)
  • Ludacris - MVP
  • Kanye West - Amazing (f. Young Jeezy)
  • MC Breed Memorial set:
  • Ain't No Future for Your Frontin'
  • Gotta Get Mine (f. Tupac Shakur)
  • Well Alright
  • This is How We Do It
  • Jax Memorial Set (f. Binkis Recs):
  • Binkis Island
  • Beat You in the Head
  • Eyeam
  • Bullit