121 – Kegs, Eggs and Open Tables

We celebrated both my birthday and St. Patricks Day by inviting anyone present play a few songs of their choosing. We got pretty drunk for this one!
Zemba, Big Zack, Chris Flyer, Matthew McDermott (Harangue fame), Jerome (88 Babies… Stiff Kittens… infamy) and yours truly all have their own sets that Nice Rec was nice enough to mix for the party down crew. Jerome saved actual Irish Music for last and as he usually does with his mics, cleared the entire party. Too many in attendance for this one baby, only people with sets mentioned!

Running Time: 1:55:59

  • Zemba's Song:
  • 3582 - Take it to the Face
  • ...
  • Justin's Set:
  • Ghostface - The Sun f/ Raekwon and Slick Rick
  • Mobb Deep - Drink Away the Pain (Situations)
  • Blackalicious - 40 Oz. for Breakfast
  • Louis Logic - Factotum
  • ...
  • Big Zack's Set
  • ...
  • Chris Flyers Set
  • ...
  • Matt McD's Set
  • ...
  • Jerome's Set