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J. Pitts The Man With The Plan

Justin likes hamburgers. He also likes Blu and Exile. Here are episodes featuring Blu and/or Exile (of which there are more than 30):

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Nice Rec The DJ

Though he still DJ’s on special occassions, Nice Rec has been doing more producing (, ) and his own music (East Liberty Quarters / ELQ) over the course of the past few years. Known for his eclectic taste and gifted ear, Nice Rec brings that boogie boogie, that funky funk, while still having hip-hop as his shoulder companion.

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Jerome recommends these on Rec’s behalf, since he doesn’t know how the internet works:

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Jerome The Comedian

200+ Episodes and still learning how to talk into *a* microphone. Jerome likes to make people laugh, though at times it seems he is the only one. Known to drink copious amounts of alcohol at shows and wonders who is the asshole who says all the rude stuff in hindsight. He performs regularly at Pittsburgh’s Steel City Improv Theater. And to the chagrin of his three compardres, every day of the past 10 years he’s known them all.

Jerome selfishly thinks you should bang these as hard as possible:

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Zemba The Silent Contributor

PGH native. Likes cameras/colours/conversations. Inspired by creative a/v. Always searching for beats to soundtrack life.

Zemba recommends the following episodes in a very biased nature:

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