We replay some probably forgotten bangers from our last 100 episodes. Peep game!

Well, we made it this far and it’s absolutely amazing! Here is an episode featuring our favorite clips from the past two hundred episodes. Thank you for listening and enjoy!

Big Pun, the one who makes the kids run! I know what the title says, but we have well over an hour of music from the man whose mother named him Christopher Rios. RIP!

We are on the brink of hitting that two century mark for podcasts, here is another episode of us doing what we do, playing them heaters, you feel me?

The crew puts down the beer, picks up the mixed drinks and vibes out to dope tunes.

A rare weekday recording of the show, plus a super late Whitney Houston RIP set.

In our last -OTH episode before we hit 200, we spend an hour with Q-Tip, Phife, and Ali Shaheed. Yes, Jarobi makes an appearance as well.

Eric kills it yet again with the DJ duties on this episode!

Here goes another episode with that new ish. N4h, Pitts doesn’t know about them Chevrolet commercials.

Have you ever wanted to host a Power Hour but lacked the right mix for the occasion? Yes? Well this episode is for you!Herein lies a 60 minute mix jam-packed with 60 1-minute hop instrumentals. The vocal version contains us talking over the instrumentals as we engage in a Power Hour. Listen and hear the progression from completely sober to silly drunk . Be forewarned, the vocals are pretty low, so it may be difficult to hear some of the podcast. The instrumental version contains talking at the beginning and end of the episode, but not during the power hour itself.Enjoy!

Here goes some bangers from 2011 that didn’t make the podcast for whatever reason. Another extra schlong episode for sure! Enjoy!

Another year down. We expanded the lineup to countdown our top 25 songs this year, making for over two hours of podcast.

Another year, another mix of that fresh jazz courtesy exiled elf Big Zack Money Bags.

We have an extra schlong episode filled with bangers. This episode also includes a ton of laughs.

A straight hour of that gully. Them kids from Queensbridge: Cormega, Mobb Deep, Capone (of CNN), Screwball, a smidgen of Nas and More! Peep game!

McCabe has returned from Portland! As a gift of his return, he blesses us with that new school some dope music.

Don’t worry, our QB ‘Hood of the Hour is coming soon, but in the meantime we have this episode we recorded awhile ago, replete with a Heavy D memorial set.

Maybe the best episode we put out every year, tune into WREC for a little over an hour of them funk and soul jams!

Another Halloween passes us by, another Halloween filled with bangers!