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The year two thousand and nine is over, done, finito. J. Pitts and Nice Rec countdown the best fourteen songs from the year that was.Full countdown and awards breakdown after the jump...

It's been 100+ episodes and with a few exceptions, we haven't replayed a song. That comes to an end here, as we have an whole episode chock full of some of our favorite jams we have already played.

Jams hand-picked by J. Pitts in this episode. After listening to the episode he realized that he says the word “like” too much.

No, I am not talking about that Michael Jackson song (one of my favorites, by the way), but referring to this episode which is nothing but dope jams.

Our first regular episode of 2009. We play some jams and talk a little.

Our first installment of freestyles and "mixtape joints."

One of the biggest hip hop stories of 2007, the “cold war” between 50 Cent and Kanye West. We all know that Kanye won the record sales battle, but we give our opinion on which man put out the better album. Herein lies an hour of some lesser known 50 and Kanye joints.

J. Pitts and Nice Rec review the year that was. With the assistance of Kevin the Robot, they countdown the twelve best songs of the year Casey Kasem style as well as give their own personal thoughts on their albums, MC's and more!