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This episode once against features selections by my man Zemba. He might hate that I am saying this especially because I say it ad naseum but he keeps it "real chill."

We are on the brink of hitting that two century mark for podcasts, here is another episode of us doing what we do, playing them heaters, you feel me?

Here goes another episode with that new ish. N4h, Pitts doesn’t know about them Chevrolet commercials.

Another Halloween passes us by, another Halloween filled with bangers!

It was warm out, we barbecued, we drank, we listened to dope music and recorded a podcast. We also talked about the old Teen NBC sitcom City Guys. Let's go!

An illness in the family delayed the show for a week, but we are back with some bangers!

Selling out? Nah, but we do play a more commercial set in this episode. It's hot though, peep game!

Nice Rec and are back from our NYC trip, and give a rundown of what happened, in-between dope hip hop sets.

What's really good with Hyphy and Southern Bounce? If you ask me, it seems like it's a bunch of motherfuckers with gold teeth acting real foolish while dancing on top of running cars. Nice Rec and I wanted to give these guys a